Monthly Archives: December 2013

GPX Track Editor

Running through areas where there is a lot of tree cover means that the GPS tracks recorded on my phone can have variable positional accuracy, which is a something that I would like to correct in order to make more accurate comparisons of performance changes (hopefully improvements!). The apps/websites that make track recording and analysis easy usually have some kind of “cleaning” functionality that allows you to remove spikes in the data, however this doesn’t always get rid of all the problems.

I was therefore looking for a simple, good and free piece of software to allow manual editing of GPX tracks. I tried a few, with variable problems, however the best one that fits the bill for the simple operations that I want to do is the GPX Track Editor. This excellent piece of software allows you to view your track on an Open Street Map map (for example), alongside a list of the track point data allowing you to remove the offending track points quite simply. Check it out to see the other features available.