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Raspberry Pi SD Card Resurrection

You are fiddling with installing/changing something on your Raspberry Pi, you corrupt the SD card and no matter what you do you cannot seem to reformat it to reuse. Probably I am not the only one who has done this. I have a reliable way of resurrecting the cards, from trial and error, here it is, any comments? (I’m using a MS Windows machine to do it).

  1. Completely clean the card.
    • Start a command prompt.
    • Use the command “diskpart”, a new window will open.
    • List the disks “list disk”.
    • Select the SD card “select disk #” where # is the number of the disk.
    • Double or triple check that you have got the right disk…
    • Use the command “clean”.
    • Exit diskpart.
  2. Reformat it.
  3. Get and install a new copy of the OS that you want from here
  4. Copy it to the card. I used win32diskimager got and installed from here
  5. Put the card in your Pi and boot

Theoretically, you should be able to copy a backup of the SD card image to a clean SD card and restore your whole system in a similar manner. I haven’t got this to work yet.