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Arras WordPress theme

I’ve been experimenting with the Arras WordPress theme which looks very good. Unfortunately using the AddThis WordPress plugin messes things up – the thumbnails go funny and the sidebar disappears underneath the main content on the homepage. Disabling the plugin fixes it.

Another problem is with the MUTLIFEED_START and MULTIFEED_END text appearing in the page title, it’s ugly! A quick fix is to look in header.php and replace arras_document_title() with wp_title(). Job done. I’ve had a similar issue to this using the Geo Mashup plugin too. The solution is to copy the info-window.php file (and others) from this plugin directory into either your theme directory or better still your geo-mashup-custom pluging directory.

Then I have put the title in the meta data with the key “alternate_data” and retrieved it in the info window using code along the lines of :