Things to see on the Malvern Marathon Route

There is a lot of great scenery and interesting things to see on whilst on the Malvern Marathon – if you have the time. Click the icons on the map below to find out a bit more.

I created this with Google Fusion Tables.

2 thoughts on “Things to see on the Malvern Marathon Route

  1. Re Chan

    Hello Jonathan,

    I was searching for MMM results after completing today and came across your site.

    I believe I completed the final 1/3 of the MMM with you and your friend – I am making that assumption as you were carrying a phone connected to a secondary battery which you mention in another part of your blog.

    If I am correct, thanks for letting me tag along as it helps on a long slog.

    Your target of an 8 hour finish was more than matched and I hope it places us in the top 50% of finishers.

    Again, thanks for the company and hope those knees recover quickly – next year a 7 hour target.


    1. Jonathan Post author

      Hi Re,
      Thanks. It was a good walk/run and it is always good to find others doing a similar speed to share the experience with.
      Cheers, Jonathan.


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