Wales Regional Forecast

Headline: Plenty of hot sunshine but risk of thunder later.

Today: Early low cloud and fog will soon clear to plenty of sunshine through the day. There will be unbroken blue skies into the afternoon and evening and in the light winds it will feel hot. Maximum Temperature 32C.

Tonight: After a fine start, thunderstorms will arrive from the south. There will be the risk of hail and some bursts of heavy rain, but it will become drier by dawn. Minimum Temperature 16C.

Wednesday: There will be some early low cloud and showers, but warm hazy sunshine will develop for most. Winds will be light and it will be a little fresher than Tuesday. Maximum Temperature 24C.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday: Thursday will see hot sunshine. There will be thunderstorms overnight, then it will turn much fresher on Friday. Sunny spells and showers will then continue on Friday and Saturday.

Weather forecasts courtesy of the Met Office.