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Born To Run Book Review

Recently, I purchased “Born to  run” by Christopher McDougall. OK, so I am a little late to this particular party, as the book was published in December 2010, but it is still a great read. The book jumps around a bit between telling the story leading up to the now fabled race in the Copper Canyons and telling the reading the parallel story of the author conquering his own particular running issue – i.e. running was basically crippling him.

Both parallel threads are fascinating and whilst jumping back and forth in a book can sometimes be somewhat off-putting, on this occasion the content is interesting enough  to overcome that problem. I was reading the book to find some inspiration and certainly acheived that. Predominantly without reading this book I would never have considered the “barefoot” shoe option for running, and yet the author sold the concept to such an extent that immediately went out and bought a branded pair of these thin-soled shoes and found them a relevation. There are many other nuggets to pick up on though including on nutrition and particularly running style – if nothing else it might make you consider taking a slo-mo video to analyse your form.

All in all I thoroughly recommend it. You’ll probably enjoy it the human stories even if you have no interest in running.