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The Marathon and Half Marathon: A Training Guide – Review

Many of us will have been inspired by the Olympian performances over the summer of 2012, perhaps inspired enough to take up a challenge ourselves. Perhaps the most common such challenge is a marathon, or perhaps half-marathon of which there are many across both the UK and world every year. This is not an undertaking to be taken lightly and guidance as to how to go about training and preparing is invaluable.

The Marathon and Half Marathon: A Training Guide in paperback or if you prefer a Kindle Version by Graeme Hilditch is a book that I can definitely recommend both for those getting into running for the first time, or even those more experienced. The book covers everything that you need to know for embarking on your training for your big event. The author is clearly very knowledgeable and an experienced trainer, coupled with an engaging writing style and honesty (Hilditch isn’t afraid to mention his own errors such as fainting on one occasion when on a training run with a client) this book is a pleasure to read.

If you think that perhaps the 5000 or 10000 metres is a little more sensible than attempting a marathon then I can also recommend 5k and 10k: From Start to Finish by the same author.