Day 6 Torch Pictures

On Day 6 of the torch relay the runners passed from Gloucester into Herefordshire and then round into Worcestershire taking in Ledbury, Bartestree, Lugwardine, Hereford and other places on the way. Below are some of the days highlights as the torch passed near us.

The_Olympic_Torch_2012_0524(001) (Custom)

The_Olympic_Torch_2012_0524(036) (Custom)

The_Olympic_Torch_2012_0524(042) (Custom)

The_Olympic_Torch_2012_0524(064) (Custom)

The_Olympic_Torch_2012_0524(070) (Custom)

The_Olympic_Torch_2012_0524(079) (Custom)

The_Olympic_Torch_2012_0524(080) (Custom)

The_Olympic_Torch_2012_0524(084) (Custom)

The_Olympic_Torch_2012_0524(091) (Custom)

The_Olympic_Torch_2012_0524(093) (Custom)

The_Olympic_Torch_2012_0524(094) (Custom)

The_Olympic_Torch_2012_0524(096) (Custom)

The_Olympic_Torch_2012_0524(097) (Custom)

The_Olympic_Torch_2012_0524(103) (Custom)

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